The New Twilight: Eclipse Trailer and A New Moon Reflection
This post is proof that there are no depths I am not willing to sink long as it gets people to come here.  Lets be honest: 95% of the girls who read this will see this movie.  And at least 50% of the men who read this and have girlfriends/wives/"women they are creeping on" will see this movie.  Lastly, a good 12% of the people not included in those groups will also go to this movie.  So, if you add those percentages together, that means 157% of the people reading this post will go and see Twilight: Eclipse so I might as well post the trailer....right?  Maybe I need to recheck that math.

Anyway, love it or hate it, this vampire/werewolf epic-romance movie is a huge deal so it deserves my opinion on it.  I owe it to the world of cinema (and literature I suppose).  While I have a bit of a problem with vampires that go in the son, I think I hold a bigger grudge against werewolves that are just giant wolves.  It makes this movie (and the previous) look a bit too...Chronicles of Narnia.  Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.  Or don't watch the trailer.  I don't personally care.  You've made it to my site and that's about all that matters.

Look on the bright side guys, there seems to be some more action in this movie.  And the Volturi seem to have a more prominent role which is good considering they were about the only interesting part of the last movie.  And while I may lose all respect from some of my readers...I have seen the previous two movies.  Worse, I've actually read the first two books.  Hate me all you want, but I'm an English Major AND a movie blogger so I felt it was my duty to try and understand this crazed popularity.  I mean, scientists have to study pandemics, right?

Regardless, the damage is done so I might as well talk about it.  I'm going to say first and foremost, my problem with the Twilight series isn't the fact that its a sappy romance or even that its obscenely melodramatic.  My problem is that its a poorly constructed story.  What is worse is the fact that its fans won't even admit it.  After I read the first book, I said to a friend:

"It was entertaining at times," I said, "and I can see why people like it, but you can definitely tell it was the author's first book."

My friend replied, "I guess I just like it because its so well written, its just such a great story..." and she proceed to describe the book as perfect.

I'm sorry, but at least 100 pages could be taken out of twilight.  And the fact that the narrator is passed out for most of the climax of the book completely ruins the climax of the book.  The entire point of a climax is FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN!  Of course the ending isn't helped by the fact that the antagonists aren't introduced till the last fifth of the book.  What happened to plot development and foreshadowing?  Then the Twilight movie came and kind of looked like a Sci-Fi (or is that SyFy)  Channel movie.  That isn't a good thing.

Thankfully for all of us, New Moon was a better movie.  First and foremost, the special effects looked quite good and the directing as a whole was more interesting.  Also, props to the cinematographer (or is it director of photography?) for the change in color palette.  The first film had the generic blue/colorless look where everyone looked super pale (as opposed to just the vampires).  New Moon however has a quite beautiful array of autumn colors that really set a mood for the whole film.  Also, the music took a huge step forward thanks to the very talented Alexandre Desplet.  His theme is far more interesting and fitting of an "epic-romance".  Also, props to Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke for his incredibly catchy Hearing Damage.

Unfortunately, while New Moon is much better on the technical side, the story is arguably weaker than Twilight's was and the dialogue is as awkward as ever.  The biggest problem with the movie is the fact that the middle has almost nothing to do with the beginning and end of the movie.  Jacob (that would be the dark, muscled one) is only present to fill the void of Edward.  Even if Jacob wasn't a pathetic and annoying character (which he is), he's cast off in the final act of the movie as if he was never a part of the story.  And lastly, Taylor Lautner just doesn't do a good job of acting.  He wears a pissed off face the whole movie, and he says each line as if he has to go to the bathroom very badly.

 In terms of story structure, the movie's climax should have revolved around Bella's jump into the water and something with the "wolf pack" (considering so much energy is spent developing them).  After this was resolved, we should have been given a teaser that Edward was going to kill himself (thinking Bella to be dead) which would set up for a sequel.  But no.  Instead, New Moon had to have its cake, eat it, and then poop on our faces.  Of course, New Moon can get away with this because the Twilight lovers are too blind to realize the flaws and everyone else doesn't care enough to examine them.  This leaves me in a non-existent middle group with no one to talk to.  Story of my life.

I do have to say, the Volturi (the vampire hierarchy) were incredibly enjoyable, completely eclipsing (no pun intended) the rest of the movie despite the fact that their storyline seemed very tacked on to the end.  Michael Sheen, who is always fantastic, really plays it up as the head of the vampire coven, while Dakota Fanning steals the show as the wonderfully creepy Jane.  I honestly never thought I would enjoy Dakota Fanning this much in a movie.  One parting compliment, the "glittering in the sun" effect looked far less stupid in New Moon than it did in Twilight.  I wonder if they'll tweak it anymore for Eclipse.

In case you didn't know, Eclipse features a new director once more.  This time around we have David Slade, the man who directed the incredibly gruesome 30 Days of Night.  Sadly, Slade wasn't able to iron out the stiff dialogue and shallow characters in that movie adaption, so I'm not holding my breath here.  But I'm sure it will look very pretty and Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings for the ignorant) will be tackling the music.  I hope he re-uses some of Desplat's themes, but then again, I may be the only person who actually cares.  I'm expecting more of the same, with the haters hating and the lovers loving.  Then again, the Potter franchise transformed into real movies with the third film.  Maybe this can do the same.

oh and was just reading some comments on youtube about this new trailer which I found quite hilarious:

-Genre: Horror? Seriously? The scariest thing is her acting...

- Army of vampires???? It looks more? like a My Chemical Romance fan club.

- If the sun comes out during the battle, the glitter will be too much for the theatre. Everyone will come out blind.

...after this, at least half of the comments simply said "fake and gay", including one written in spanish. Clearly internet posters aren't the most intelligent (or politically correct), but at least they're...consistent?
when the eclipse movie will be on teater?
Ok, first of all men who run there house and not around their house, shouldn't be getting dragged to this movie. A man can only go so far. 50% seems kind of high, unless i'm mistaken and they're are a lot more whipped men out there than I know about.
It's not about being whipped, it's about being in love. I love my wife so I expect she will be dragging me out to see the romantic vampires (wearing my new moon shirt). . . maybe it is about being whipped.
I agree and disagree. Unfortunately I saw the movies first THEN read the books. There are so many holes left by both movies. The second in particular, if youve read all 4 books the dirt bikes are a intergal part of the stories. But with Jacobs "no more dirt bikes bella" killed that. In the books, Edward is the angry one. Constantly angry and growling at Bella. In the movie? Sweet angel. Jacob was the same way. Not nearly as angry in the books but it seems the screenwriters didnt notice that part. I think that the movies would have been a heck of alot better if it hadnt changed so much from the original stories which werent awesome, but still readable. So me personally, I blame the screenwriters. But Taylor walking around shirtless for the majority of the movie? NUMMY. I bought it only for that. Forget the end of the movie, Edward and Bella in the same scenes make me turn up the sound just to hear them whispering to each other.
I hope Howard Shore comes up with his own, original music. If a series is not composed by the same artist throughout, then start all over and do something original. But agreed, Dekota Fanning and Michael Sheen stole New Moon and I hope they will do it again in Breaking dawn (Dakota in Eclipse and Dawn since Sheen isn't in Eclipse).
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